Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy and Leanne Pelosi Soul Shred — Full Moon 2016

The best days are the ones spent with your crew, and the Full Moon ladies have travelled the world together, slaying super deep pow. We're stoked to release this part from Full Moon featuring Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy and Leanne Pelosi soul shredding their way around the globe in places including; Whistler, Italy, Alaska, Bella Coola, Mica Heli, and Golden Alpine Holidays, BC.

Leanne Pelosi and Marie-France Roy gave us the scoop on the action and highlights from this edit below.


What are your highlights of riding with each other?
I love to ride with both these girls so much. They both have great energy and low stress attitudes in the mountains. I always feel so lucky to be able to learn from Annie and her wise knowledge. She is the one I trust the most out there and has taught me so much over the years of riding together. I love Leanne’s thirst for finding creative and fun features. She is a true lover of snowboarding and I think all of the funnest sessions I have had in the last few years were with her. And she has been an absolute boss at making this project for all of us, she is a machine and doesn’t get enough credit for all her work.


What do you remember most from filming this?
 I loved when we were filming at Brandywine all together and just all getting denied on the pillow lines… Annie was just down there sitting and watching us eat shit all day. After a while, she quietly went up, strapped in and stomped the shit out of the sickest line FT! (first try). What a G. It’s one of my favorite shot of the film.


What are your highlights of riding with this dynamic crew?

A highlight is that both, Marie and Annie, are extremely stylie snowboarders, so simply watching their slashes gets me stoked.

Can you let us in on any standout things that happened while filming this part?

Riding the big face in Bella Coola with Annie was a highlight because there's not that many opportunities to be able to shred together on faces like that. It was stable enough for us to rip a few big turns together and that was really fun. Also, Marie and I found a few over/unders that were actually harder than we thought to get the timing right. We were inspired by the Drink Water crew for those! Ha!

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