Ancient Newtique – AJ Lawson

AJ Lawson is a highly talented multi-sport athlete, podcast co-host, and media guy. Recently he swapped the sponge for a surfboard but promises to hit The Wedge before he puts it away for good. For years now, AJ has been releasing unique and worthwhile snowboarding video content. Unique in the way that his tricks vary from most others, his board sponsor is one you may not know of yet but soon will, and the music generally something unheard of but merits a Shazam search. AJ’s latest showing is titled Ancient Newtique and the title sticks. Aesthetically “newtiques,” fit in well in the company of antiques but are not reproductions or fakes. The edit was filmed on a VX2100, a camera now discontinued by the manufacturer. The song is reminiscent of a 1980’s or early 90’s sci-fi soundtrack. And the tricks, well, 2-footed, 1-footed, or no-footed, are quite unique. Take a couple of minutes to watch AJ rip around Tahoe and Mt. Hood in pink hair and timeless fashion.


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