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Ladies Spring Shred Session at Trysil

This spring, the Norwegian Snowboard Federation chose 17 ladies to go shred a private park in Trysil,Norway, the mountain both Torstein Horgmo and Kjersti Buaas learned to ride. For this progression session, the mountain made the girls their own personal park complete with rails, boxes, jibs and jumps… what more could a girl ask for?  The girls who were chosen to participate in this all girls camp are some of the best girl riders in Norway that the federation believes to have the motivation and potential it takes to make it in this industry. Through private professional coaching, during a span of just three days, the girls proved both their potential and how significant an all girls camp really is. Seeing the support Norway has for the progression of women’s snowboarding is really rad and we’re stoked to see these girls come up over the next few years. Although this video isn’t in English, go ahead a check out the riding. It’s some pretty sick stuff and we back it.


Girls Spring Shred Trysil Norway