Alex Stewart Rides Top to Bottom at Mt. Hotham

One Hot Lap at Mt. Hotham with Alex Stewart

Oye mate, Mt. Hotham in Australia has one heck of a top to bottom terrain park and Alex Stewart wastes no time in getting after all it has to offer in the edit above.

"Good day Australia," says Stewart, before he drops into the park. "We're down here at Mt. Hotham, going to go for a walk in the park… Well it's not really a park, is it? It's a bush,  filled with creepy venomous creatures, like the Koala Bear,  Kangaroo, and there's got to be at least a half a dozen Australian women dotted throughout there, all venomous, and all out to get you…"

Watch now as Stewart takes advantage of all the obstacles Mt. Hotham has to offer deep down in the Australian bush.

From Rusty Toothbrush:

Alex Stewart takes you for a ride through one of Hotham’s many treacherous rail lines.

Filming: Troy Tanner, Francesco Zoppei
Editing: Alex Stewart
Music: Drapht, Jimmy Ricard
Animation: Francesco Zoppei
Color correction: Brad Smith

Alex Stewart Rallys a lap at Mt. Hotham.

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