Alek Oestreng Trades Contest Life for Street Rails | Insight

Alek Oestreng is a student of snowboarding with a minor in skateboarding. He executes his tricks properly, often in a line. He's not into performing stunts; he's interested in snowboarding, and his views stem from dedication to a lifestyle that comes with riding a board on concrete or snow.

Alek speaks of the difference between snowboarding and skateboarding, for him:

"[Snowboarding] kind of got a little serious, while skateboarding's always been just fun. I can go out and do whatever I want to do, ya know? I don't have a trick I have to learn or need to learn... Just go out and skate with your homies, and if you learn a new trick you're stoked."

The carefree attitude Alek associates with skateboarding provided the inspiration for him to take his snowboarding in a different direction this season. Shedding the pressures often placed on someone in his position--someone who gets paid to snowboard--Alek stacked textbook clips this year that prove his mastery of board control, and he had fun doing it.

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