Airblaster Presents : August and S.Layer

Airblaster is releasing a new line of softgoods called S.Layer and in celebration they also released their classic movie August for free viewing online. August profiles the crews stay at Mt. Hood, Oregon showing the team camping, cutting down trees to jb, fireworks, playing music, a gnarly glacier jump, and snowboarding on everything in sight. Featuring Jed Anderson, Jonas Michilot, Nick Dirks, Ben Lynch, TJ Schnieder, Tim Eddy, Eric Messier, Skylar Thornton, Austin Hironaka, Forrest Shearer, Sebi Muller, and friends.

Here is what Airblaster has to say about their new S.Layer line.

“Welcome to S.Layer, where wild versitility reigns supreme.We’ve designed an entire line that takes you from the street to the mountain and back again. Drawing from 10+ years of outerwear experience, we’ve used simplified versions of our best fabrics, duly coated with Fluorocarbon-Free DWR, to construct S.Layer outer pieces that perform in style. The soft goods offering speaks for itself, and with the product now available over at, the wild season just began!”