adidas Snowboarding presents ‘Welcome: Eric Jackson’

Eric Jackson has been in the game for a long time. He has gone from child snowboard prodigy, to full fledged backcountry freestyle maniac. In the latest adidas Welcome edit, they go back to find out how E Jack got to where he is, what helped push him, and where he’s going next.

About ‘Welcome: Eric Jackson’

Eric Jackson is truly a product of his environment. Raised on the steeps of California's Eastern Sierra range, E-Jack grew up riding the massive parks of Mammoth and exploring the surrounding backcountry as a hyperactive grom. Driven by his older brother John, Eric rode twice as hard and developed a deep bag of tricks and explosive style. This dedication quickly earned him professional status and a yearly spot on the Standard Films roster. In 2011, Eric joined a new crew and produced a mind-bending blower pow-filled part for People Films' Good Look that earned him Men's Video Part of The Year honours from TransWorld Snowboarding. In this wayward wanderer's most recent adventure, Eric embarked on the mission of lifetime, road tripping and riding from Alaska all the way down to the tip of South America with his brother and it was all documented in the award-winning web series, Brothers on the Run.

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