Aaron Biittner’s Full Part From Nothing To Prove The New Movie From Celtek

Aaron Biittner holds it down in the streets and the backcountry for his full part from ‘Nothing To Prove’ the new movie from Celtek. We caught up with Aaron on filming his part.

Who was your favorite person to shred with last year? I only shred with my favorite people.

What was the hardest trick to land in your part? The straight ollie in Minnesota off the parking lot. It was so cold I just kept blasting through the landing and blowing out.

Where did you go on your favorite trip to film? I had mad fun everywhere we filmed this year, but I gotta say Chicago. We were only there for a couple days and didn’t really hit anything too spectacular, but that city is amazing. Found some banger spots I definitely want to get back to!

When did you feel like giving up? Not at all this season. I did everything I could to film as much as possible without any budget and the minimal, yet very appreciated support I do have. I haven’t had a board, outerwear, boot, or streetwear sponsor in over two years since I parted ways with DC…but to be honest, I felt more like giving up back then representing a brand that I no longer could believe in.

Why do you love snowboarding? Because it’s fun & all about perspective. There’s no set way to do it, no rules, you just go out and shred the way you feel. Everyone has a unique style & there is so much room for creativity.

How did you get involved with Celtek? I’ve looked up to BJ & Mule since I was just a little grom trying to tag along with all the big homies up at Snowbird. They have always been such cool, humble dudes. When they started Celtek and asked if I wanted gloves, it was an honor and a no brainer for me to want to represent. Been like that ever since.

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Switch Backside 360 in the Utah Backcountry. PHOTO: Sean Kerrick Sullivan