A Couple Spring Days in Mammoth

Mammoth is firing right now. The park is meticulously calculated, the weather is perfect, the snow is perfect, and everyone is lighting up the mountain. Ryan Linnert, Tyler Flanagen, Ryan Pluche, Danny Salazar, Ryan Farnes and Jared McDaniel were able to log a few hammers in just a couple spring days for their latest edit from Mammoth.

“The sun’s out, birds are chirping and there’s still snow on the ground. Mammoth is going off right now with well over 150 features on hill we took a couple days to go out and get clipped up. If you’re not in Mammoth right now you are blowing it big time. Main Park at Mammoth Mountain in sunny Southern California things couldn’t be much better. They are sure to be killing it for at least a couple more months for some epic park days in the sun.” -@2two7

A Couple Spring Days in Mammoth | TWSNOW

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