Not that long ago, seven and eight year olds had to bug their parents to take them to the skate park. Then waves of training zones like Woodward popped and groms hung out there. Now, some kids are lucky enough to have their own home "training" zones. This is true for two up and coming snowboard boys, Makai and Callum Gelvezon. The 7 and 8 year olds hail from Ohio and have been snowboarding for over half their lives. The brothers have a searing passion for shredding, and work on their skills in their home zone.  Their set-up includes a trampoline in their living room, a dedicated skate room in the basement, outside rails and a skate ramp in the backyard.

The boys have super supportive parents who encourage their love for the sport and allow them to ride as much as possible.  During winter after school, they head up to Mad River Mountain for evening laps, and hang out there on weekends. They also compete in the USASA events and travel to various resorts to compete, including Copper Mountain for Nationals.

This winter, we caught up with the boys for a couple laps at Mad River and were super impressed with how stoked they were lap after lap. Makai and Callum cracked jokes on the lift and talked about all things snowboarding. We chatted with them about their favorite parts of boarding and what it's like to have a home training zone in the interview below.

Check out the boys in the edit above and check out our chat below.

What's up Makai and Callum! Here’s a couple questions for you dudes:

How old are you and when did you start snowboarding?
M: I was 3 years old when I started and I'm 7 years old now
C: I started at 3, and I'm 8 now.

Where do you guys primarily ride?
C: Mad River Mountain (Hill…lol) haha. That's where we ride.

What contests do you compete in and at what resorts?
M: USASA Copper Mountain for Nationals and I've done the Oakley Mini Pipe Challenge at Seven Springs
C: Oakley Mini Pipe Challenge at Seven Springs and the Rail Jam at Copper Mountain for USASA Nationals

How often do you get to go boarding? 
M: We ride three times during the weekdays and every weekend.

What's you favorite trick that your brother does?
M: A nose grab is my favorite trick my brother does.
C: My favorite is the backflip Makai does.

Your home training center is rad, what's your favorite part of it?
C: The rail trainer is my favorite part of our home training center!
M: My favorite is the trampoline in my family room.

What tricks are you hoping to learn by next season?
C: I wan to learn a Tame Dog next season.
M: Double Back flip!!!!!!!!

Who do you look up to in snowboarding? Why?
C: Louie Arrigoni from So-Gnar, I like him because he’s nice.
M: Cole Solner. He’s cool. He gets to the end of rails!

What the best part of snowboarding, and the worst part of it?
M: When you get a new trick, that's my favorite, and there's no worst part about snowboarding.
C: Riding with a group of people is the best part about snowboarding, but the worst is when you fall.

Plans this summer?
C: This summer I really want to go to the lake and build a bike park in my backyard!!
M: I want to go to Disneyland this summer.

How did you train/play at age 7? Let us know in the comments. Kids these days….

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