686 Seconds Feature Presentation: Powderhounds

There is no better feeling than dropping into a line of fresh snow. During the filming of 686 Seconds, the crew explored the world in search of one thing – fresh, untracked powder. This feature presentation serves as a remix of shots from 686 Seconds to remind us all how good a powder day with friends can be.

Riders in order of appearance: Andy Berginsperry, Joe Bosler, Enzo Nilo, Mario Wanger, Matt Belize, Sebi Geiger, Forrest Burki, Sammy Luebke, Marco Feichtner

Filmed by: Transworld Snowboarding, Sebi Madlener, Jeremy Dubbs, Morgan Le Faucher, Lian Gallagher, Justin Gunson, Aaron Hooper

686 Seconds Feature Presentation: Powderhounds | TWSNOW.com

Matt Belzile. Photo: Jussi Grznar

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