3 Days With Scotty Lago

His blood smells like cologne. Police often question him, just because they find him interesting. His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards. You wonder who we are talking about… Scotty Lago! Check out the last 3 days as we went from Whistler, to shooting guns with Jamie Lynn, to a movie premiere in Portland, then racing NASCARs in Orlando!


Top 3 activities:
1. Racing NASCAR
2. Riding a bull
3. Shooting guns

Top 3 quotes:
1. "Dude. You're so classic."
2. "Was that girl really shooting up next to that car."
3. "Throwing in a pidley"

Top 3 words:
1. Classic
2. Premier
3. Legends


Top 3 bikes:
1. Jamie's hand built monster bike
2. My Whistler rental
3. P Mac's mini scooter bike

Top 3 guns:
1.Mossberg 12 gauge
2. AK 47
3. 38 special revolver

Top 3 beers:
1. Budweiser
2. Bud
3. Bud Light

Top 3 sightings:
1. Huge black bear next to the Billabong bus.
2. Girl shooting up meth under a car in Vancouver.
3. McCarthy in the am after the Vancouver premier.

Top 3 girls:
1. Well I don’t think any of us got girls on the tour to be honest
2. Torah Bright I pretty much wish she was with me
3. Megan fox

Top 3 places you would go back to:
1. Whistler
2. Portland
3. Seattle

Top 3 place you wont go back to:
1.  I’ve never been to hell but I really don’t want to go
2.   Sports Page in Portsmouth, NH. The place sucks they'll kick you out for no reason
3.  That’s about it

Top 3 vibes:
1. The whole tour bus scene
2. The afterparties
3. P Mac