2105 Garbage Reunion

2105 Garbage Reunion

DVP or Different Vision Productions out of Italy put together this rad edit, somewhere in Europe where there’s a really sweet park.

Here’s their best shot at translating some text for us;

Since 2004 we use to spend almost a week filming and chilling all together.
Every Year old and new friends hang out with us just to have fun.
After 10 years the garbage gang thanks to snowboarding is still alive.

Ziga Rakovec, Alex Stewart, William Arnold, Nejc Ferjan,Erik Harc, Jaka Valant, Devid de Palma, Luigi Malfer, Mauro Bisol, Valentin Zimmermann, Markus Stoffel, Marco Morandi, Yannick Imboden, Rok Podgorelec

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