Join snowboarding legend Eddie Wall as he explains how the testing for this year’s 2017-2018 Good Wood ratings went down!

You find a good snowboard by riding a bunch of snowboards. That's what Good Wood is. Starting nearly twenty years ago, TransWorld SNOWboarding has run through thousands—core shots, delams, broken tails, edge blowouts, snapped noses—with the goal of providing a look at each respective season's best options. This year we chose the steeps of Snowbird, Utah, for the all-mountain category and the flowing features of Carinthia at Mount Snow, Vermont, for the park portion.

With the top-notch crop of talent, knowledge, and personality that comprise TransWorld's staff and testers, it's a crazy marathon of sessions and hot laps that last sunrise to sunset with just enough time for hot tub beers before bed. After all the comments and rankings are in, we have the data to determine which boards get the stamp of approval. In short, know that if it's in here, the wood is good.

Check out the full results: Check out the full Good Wood Board Test here!