2012 Top 10: Tricks

There’s no doubt that the current level of tricks is higher than most of us thought possible a few seasons ago, which makes this one of the toughest categories to pick the Top 10 for. We looked at hundreds of shots that made parts this year and trick after trick riders we going bigger, landing cleaner, and getting more technical. But to make it on this list tricks couldn’t just be stomped or done with style, they also had to be progressive and in some way raise the bar.

Switch backside 270 to regular

Jed Anderson in Jed In Full

Louif Paradis first did the backside 270 to switch on a down bar in These Days back in 2008 but since then the trick has made a rare few appearances in other rider’s parts. Jed takes it a few steps further.

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Frontside triple cork in the backcountry

Torstein Horgmo, Must Be Nice

Torstein actually landed this two years ago but held back on the release for his Must Be Nice part. And he’s still ahead of the game.

Frontside wallride transfer back lip

Louif Paradis, Louif Paradis

With the fence in the way of the rail, three seasons ago this wouldn’t even considered a spot. Big Lou found way to hit it and make it look casual.

Switch frontside double cork off the Hurley Road Gap

Daniel Ek, #FORUM

Devun Walsh and Chris Dufficy first discovered and hit the Hurley gap in 20o1 while filming for Mack Dawg’s Pulse. It’s been a jump for rider’s to prove themselves on since. Daniel Ek takes it into NBD territory for this spot.

Miller flip to 50-50

Dan Brisse, #IP2 Full Part

Sometimes it’s a matter of mixing the right trick with the right spot. Brisse adds a Miller flip on to this steep-ass ledge to make it work.

50-50 to 360 redirect

Ethan Deiss, 13.

A few new tricks get done and are picked up by other riders pretty quickly. Other times it takes a while for a trick to catch on. This one probably won’t be in a ton of people’s parts next year.

Switch 50-50 backside 360 out

Toni Kerkala, Snakebite

When you can make a trick like this look so easy at what point is the term switch irrelevant?

Wall stall re-entry

Jeremy Jones, 13

At 38, Jeremy is the prefect example of what it takes to maintain a career as a pro snowboarder for 16 years: do stuff other people haven’t.

50-50 gap front board through the knobs

Forest Bailey, Too

Forest goes backwards through the knobs.

Switch wallride double backflip out

Eero Ettala, Cooking With Gas

Eero claims he couldn’t sleep for a week stressing about trying to get this shot. For his trouble he can check it off the Never Been Done list.


Backside double cork alley-oop rodeo in the pipe

Elena Hight

Elena gets pretty sketchy on the run out but this is definitely a huge step forward for women’s pipe riding.


Front lip transfer board slide

Jeremy Cloutier, Hungry

The rail-to-rail transfer is starting to get more common but Jeremy adds a some extra consequence by taking it to this hefty close out.