Top 10 Monday Mallets of 2012


1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow


2. Throat Surprise

Dude did not want to bail on the inside of this closeout. But he did. And this is what happened.

3. What A Stowener

This guy thought he’d backflip over this set at Stowe but didn’t quite get the hips into it. Probably just came out of the Library.


4. Brandon Cocard’s Ass Is The Splinter Capital Of The World

Damn, Cocard turns this wood handrail into a toothpick in this clip. Splinters for days.

5. Watch Out For That… Wall

Speed is your friend. Don’t forget that. Then, at least if you’re getting broke off, you do it with style. This dude, unfortunately, forgot.

6. Eugene Stancato Served Up On A Plattah

Eugene Stancato didn’t quite get the pop over he wanted, and he got served up on a nice concrete platter.

7. Tree To The Face

“Dude, this is sick! We’re getting so much pow right now! Yeah, I’m filming! This is tight!” Splat.

8. Geometry Can Mess You Up

Dude got hung up on that top ball and went for a ride. Good thing his friends were right there to watch him roll around in agony.

9. Dicked by the Donkey

What’s the worst that could happen? Probably this.

10. Switch Backside Gone Wrong

Switch backside anything is tough. This guy learned this the hard way, not that there’s really an easy way. Just sayin’.