People watch a lot of snowboard videos, and all those views add up. These are our most viewed videos on TWSNOW.COM for the year of 2012.

10. Oakley’s Team Shoot Out

Oakley’s Team Shoot Out video is really funny. The crew of Eero Ettala, Eiki Helgason, Stale Sandbech, and Marie France Roy pulled out all the stops to be extremely entertaining, that’s in regards to their riding and their off hill antics. It kicks ass.

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Travis Rice sending it at the Supernatural. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

9.  Eero Ettala’s Cooking With Gas Full Part

Eero Ettala‘s Cooking with Gas webseries was a big hit. People were down. They were espically down for Eero’s full part that came out of the webseries. It ranks in at number nine.

8.Bear Park Sessions

Our first Park Session of the season was at Bear Mountain. You guys seemed to like it the most becasue it ranks in at number 8 on the list. Featuring riding from Zak HaleEthan DeissChris BradshawJake Kuzyk, the Mazzotti brothers and Ian Sams.

7. Nike Team Shoot Out

The Nike squad of Scotty LagoSage KotsenburgPeetu Piiroinen, and Gjermund Braaten got trippy as hell in their Team Shoot Out video. Watch it again and have your perception changed.

6. Sunday In The Park Episode 7

The last Sunday in the Park on our list is Episode 7. It features riding from Jordan SmallLenny MazzottiJamie MadridErik LeonRichie ConklinJustin FroniusPat Lynch, and others. It’s a sick one.

5. Sunday In The Park Episode 12

Number 5 on our list is Sunday in the Park Episode 12. It features riding from Johnny MillerRobert TosteJordan SmallMathias Nordby, Erik Neese, and others.

4. Sunday In The Park Episode 8

Sunday In The Park has been an on going tradition here at TWSNOW.COM. Last year episode 8 was the most searched one. It featured Brandon HobushJustin FroniusRyan PaulMikkel BangKyle FischerJosh KeyserColt Morgan, and Durell Williams.

3. The Streets at Seven Springs Opening

The Streets at Seven Springs rules. When it opened last year it caused a lot of buzz. So much buzz in fact that it’s number three on our list.



2. Jed In Full

Jed Anderson‘s 2012 video part, Jed In Full was a certified heat maker. Dude is unreal. It’s not really a question why so many people watched this video part once you watch it…

1. Supernatural

Travis Rice‘s Supernatural was no joke. The best snowboarders in the world all riding an insanely built course just for them at Baldface. Who would not want to watch a video of that? Well, judging by the view counter, not a lot of people. This was the most viewed video on TWSNOW.COM.