People love to search for their favorite pros, but who was the most searched? We crunched the data and came out with the list of the top 10 most searched riders on TWSNOW.COM.

1. Travis Rice

It’s not really a surprise that Travis Rice was the most searched rider on TWSNOW.COM. He’s an absolute beast on his snowboard and he’s an amazing ambassador for our sport.


Top 10 Most searched Snowboarders of 2012

2. Torstein Horgmo

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Torstein Horgmo might as well be The Rock of snowboarding. He’s the people’s champ. The kids love him, and there’s a good reason for it. He shreds, he’s funny, and he comes out with sweet online content.

3. Halldor Helgason

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Halldor Helgason has that classic snowboard style that people just love. He also doesn’t take himself serious, at all. This is his full part from Pepping. It’s tight.

4. Scott Stevens

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No one on planet Earth snowboards like Scott Stevens. He’s one of the most creative dudes to ever step on a snowboard, and people recognize that. That’s why he’s our fourth most searched rider on TWSNOW.COM.

5. Shaun White

Shaun White is the most famous snowboarder in the world. Everyone knows who he is, even your parents, and most likely your grand parents know who he is.

6. John Jackson

John Jackson is a powerhouse on his snowboard. He rides the mountain like it’s meant to be ridden, fast and forceful. This is his X Games Real Snow part from last year. It’s crazy to think that these guys can film parts like this in 6 weeks or some crazy short amount of time like that.

7. Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris is the youngest guy on this list. Kids love this guy, and we think we know why. He got double gold at the 2012 X Games, and he just got double gold at this years Dew Tour. He’s a park riding machine with awesome style. Mark rips.

8. Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt went from winning the US Open slopestyle to not hitting anything man made. He charges huge lines and is still able to do crazy, technical tricks on natural features. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us after this season.

9.  Nicolas Muller

Nicolas Muller is your favorite riders favorite rider. He has some of the most amazing style and form to ever touch a mountain, and he’s a workhorse! Dude was able to put out 2 parts one with Absinthe, and one with Pirates, and still filmed for X Games Real Snow. Now that’s crazy.

10. Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala really sparked some interest this year with his webseries Cooking With Gas. With Heikki Sorsa, they lead the charge in the webseries game this winter and produced some awesome videos. This is his full part from said series.