16-Year-Old Pro Snowboarder Red Gerard and Friends Session a Perfect Park | Insight

Between international and domestic flights, and jumps in the park and backcountry, it seems Red Gerard spends more time in the air than on the ground. The 16-year-old's growing up has not been typical. Red is living most snowboarders' dreams. However, the consequences of his fantasy life come with lack of the normalcy most kids take for granted. School is the basis of relationship building during our formative years, but Red's curriculum happens outside of a classroom, meaning he hasn't had a pool of academic peers with which to socialize.

Instead, Red's friend group is comprised of other snowboarders whose adolescence has also been spent globetrotting from contest to contest. These are his peers. We decided to round up Red and his pals— a group of kids who represent snowboarding's next generation of super pros—for a session free of judges, practice rounds, or official start times. The amount of energy buzzing in the Aspen terrain park was unprecedented.

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