15 Year Old Chris Corning Drops Hammers in Season Edit

Chris Corning, a Colorado local at the ripe age of 15, just dropped his 2014-2015 season edit and it's chock-full of hammers and smooth style. Seth Hill has taken Corning under his wing, and filmed this edit.

"At a mere age 15, Chris Corning has the drive, attitude and skills required to hang with the big boys," said Hill. "Chris’ main focus this season was contests but here’s some footage from when the camera came out."

We hit up Corning for his thoughts on his season and a couple other things… Damn, to be fifteen again.

Favorite Place to Ride:

My favorite place to ride this season was Aspen Snowmass. I had a lot of fun riding around with the Aspen team and meeting new shredders.

Best Trick:
The best trick I stomped this year is a backside double 12. I think I tried it about five times before I got it. Definitely worth it!

Contests Competed in:
I mainly competed in Rev Tours. I ended up getting a 2nd and 3rd. I competed in the U.S Grand Prix at Mammoth and got 11th. I went to USASA Nationals in open class and won that! I was also in the Kick Aspen Big Air and also got first in that— I had a lot of fun competing this year!

Worst Bail:
The worst bail I had was when I was working on switch backside double tens and didn’t throw one fast enough and ended up landing on my face instead of the board.

Big Air in Olympics:
I like that Big Air is in the Olympics because it’s a contest just like slopestyle and halfpipe.

Quad Corks:
Quad corks are a crazy thing. I do not believe I will be trying one very soon because it barely makes sense in my mind. Haha. But it is progression and it’s hard to say no to that.

Seth Hill as a Coach:
Seth Hill is an awesome dude and I could not ask for a better person to be working with. It has been a lot of fun and it’s enabled me to have videos like my season edit.

Right on, keep up the good work Chris, we have our eyes on you.

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