Double Corks, 1260s and a Whole Lot of Hammers: Judd Henkes Full Part   

Kids these days. Fourteen-year-old Judd Henkes isn't even five feet tall, but his short stature isn’t stopping him from stomping hammers.  The young gun just released his full part filmed at Mammoth’s Main Park and it’s filled with massive double corks, 1260's, and a bunch of rad rail tricks and even has a doubles session in the pipe. Henkes charges with smooth style, and while his grabs could be a bit longer, he still stomps to his bolts.

"I can only do switch back nines, like right off the bat… that's what I like to do," said Henkes when asked what tricks he starts with in the park.

Keep your eyes peeled for Judd. At age fourteen, he's definitely on the come-up and we'll surely see more of this grom this winter.


Music by Adolescents: Kids of the Black Hole

Edit by: Spencer Whiting

Film by:

Spencer Whiting

Kevin Westinberger

Nacho Dudeski

Michael Ramierez

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