13 Year Old Jack Coyne’s Season Edit

From the Red Bull Double Pipe, to First Place in Slopestyle at USASA Nationals, this Grom Killed it All Season

Jack Coyne, an up and coming 13 year old from Colorado had quite the season. From the riding with the pros at the Red Bull Double Pipe, to taking second in pipe and first in slopestyle at USASA Nationals in Copper, Coyne road hard and had lots of fun during the 2014-1015 season.  He captured his favorite moments in the edit above, and talked to us about his highlights this winter. Read on to see what he had to say.

What were your highlights from the 2014-2015 season?

My overall season was amazing. I combined filming a lot and ending my contest season off with a bang by placing 2nd in halfpipe and 1st in slopestyle at the USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, in Colorado.

What was you favorite trick you landed this year?

One of the bigger tricks I landed this year was my first frontside ten, but I would definitely rather do a smooth roast beef front 7.


Where did you have the best powder day?

There were a couple pow days here and there but the best one was in Vail, Colorado lapping Cloud Nine with best group of homies. The homies are what made it the best day.

What do you think of all these crazy quad corks? Do you want to ever try one?

First on the quad corks, they get a lot of hate, I think they deserve some respect. I mean they are flipping four times off a massive jump. I don’t think I would want to try one, that’s gnar. But I also don’t want to see every competitor chucking one in the bigger contests. I appreciates Sven Thorgren and Stale Sandbech’s flat spins much more than a quad.

Carve tricks are all the hype right now, what are your thoughts on those?

I am a huge fan of all this carving! Everyone is doing it and I think its awesome to see a video, then it makes me want to go out and try it. The best feeling is doing a weird, different carve that everyone else wants to try.

Summer plans? 

I am for sure going to skate as much as I can. I am also planning to take a trip to Cabo, Mexico to go surfing as soon as school gets out. Not to much summer snowboarding on the table, but I’m definitely hyped to get back into skateboarding and some more filming of that too.

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