13 Year Old Jack Coyne Slays Red Bull Double Pipe

The Grom Stood Out Among the Pros in Aspen

Progression was pinnacle at the second annual Red Bull Double Pipe which popped off in Aspen, Colorado last week. A solid rosters of pros stepped up and threw down on the insane set-up, while several young guns also dropped hammers on gargantuan multi-jump, dual pipe feature. 13-year-old, Jack Coyne, was the youngest grom that stood out because of his stylish confidence, transfers, and big spins in both U-tubes.

We caught up with Jack and talked about his shred career, who inspires him to keep progressing, and what it was like to drop into the Double Pipe with the big dogs.

Check out his impressive edit above, and read his interview below.

How long have you been snowboarding and where did you get started?

I have been snowboarding for about 7 years now, since I was six. I started in Vail, Colorado and my dad got me into it. He was the only snowboarder in my family and I followed.

What is your favorite part about snowboarding? 

The spring shred days with my friends, good vibes, and good shredding. Just like the day at Double Pipe.

What was it like to ride the Double Pipe?

Double Pipe was awesome! For sure it was super scary when I first got there, but once I got into it, it was sick– amazing day overall!

What was your favorite trick you saw in during the event?

Jan Scherrer was doing some sick McTwists, but my all time favorite was Benji Farrow doing the gnarly transfer over the channel.

What was the overall best part of the Double Pipe for you?

Just being there with all the riders that I look up to was awesome. A bunch of those guys were really cool to me. They all helped me step it up in that massive thing. It was definitely gnarly.

Who do you look up to in snowboarding?

People I look up to are Stale Sandbech on the slope side and Danny Davis, Ben Ferguson, Christian Haller on the pipe side of things. I’d be hyped if snowboarding got back into more style witch it seems like it is. Double Pipe is really pushing the rider to get more creative, which is awesome.

Where would you like to take your snowboarding career?

Main goal for me is to have as much fun as I can on my snowboard. I hope to be coming out with at least one video each year, and keep filming a lot. I also want to get into some bigger contests as I get older.

Are you in school? If so, how do you balance that with shredding?

Yeah I go to school. I go to Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. We snowboard in the morning from 8-12 and then we head to school until 5 p.m. We do that for the winter and then have a regular school schedule for fall and spring.

What other events have you been apart of?

I competed in the Burton US Open Junior Jam last year which was sick. I do a lot of the USASA events around Colorado. I didn’t do much traveling this year but I’m planning on doing a bunch of REV Tours next season.

What else do you have planned this season?

USASA Nationals are coming up really soon, I’m competing in halfpipe and slope. Also I plan to do a couple more photo shoots. Then after that, maybe do a summer camp and skating for the whole summer.


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