2032 Leftovers Part 3 of 4

ThirtyTwo Drops More LeftOvers With Part 3 of 4 Featuring Commentary From Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens

It’s the first Monday of the New Year and you know what that means, more leftovers. Thats right, Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens bring you another hillarious fifteen minutes of commentating on B-Roll footage from ThirtyTwo’s new movie “2032”.

Part 3 features binding-less kink slides, unreasonable citizens, knee-twisting one footers, a 40 foot snowman and more.

The last episode of "2032 LeftOvers" will be dropped next Monday, Jan. 11. If you don't have your own copy of "2032" yet, it is still available for purchase at finer snowboard shops, iTunes and ThirtyTwo.com