Carinthia Parks : C Sessions 6.1

Carinthia Parks : C Sessions 6.1

It's no lie that the East Coast as been getting skunked this season, but despite the lack of pow,  shreds have still been getting after it in a heavy way, at least at Mount Snow and in the Carinthia Parks. This fiery edit is stacked with all kinds of early season jibbing. Caution, it could make you want to dusk off your jibstick and hit a couple rails.

Featuring: Jeremy Ellenberg, Jesse Paul, Brian Skorupski, Will Healy, Alex Atno, Storm Rowe, Lauren Tamposi, Emma Graham, Timmy Sullivan, Kevin Raksnis, Rory Bruder, Max Lyons, Steve Lauder, and Chris DePaula

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Demers
Songs: “Buick Mackane” – Ty Segall, “Color Money” – Rick Ross

Carintha Parks

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