Anna Gasser Takes Top Honors at the Dew Tour, Spencer O’Brien, and Hailey Langland Round Out the Podium

Anna Gasser took her first major slopestyle win by taking top honors at the eighth annual Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado on Friday. Gasser bested the field of the top six lady riders with her poised style, smooth tricks, and impressive rail game. Her winning run consisted of a backside 540, cab 540, switch backside 180, frontside 720 on the jumps, and a cab 270 to frontside boardslide on the first rail, and a gap to lipslide on the second feature.

“I’ve never done things that cleanly in my life,” said Gasser of her winning run. “That cab 270 may have been the one of the best I’ve done, it was just like everything went together really well. I’ve been doing that trick for a while, but in a contest, you definitely don’t want to f*** up that first rail, so I was thinking about it quite a bit, and just wanted to make sure things went smooth,” continued Gasser.

Spencer O’Brien took second place with her second run which consisted of a super smooth half cab 50/50 on the first rail, into a gap front lip pretzel out, to a cab 540 nose grab, into a backside 720 melon, 50/50 to backside 180, into a switch backside 540 mute, and ended with a frontside 720 indy.

“I think the Dew is awesome, it’s been around forever, and I won the first ever contest, which was my first ever professional win, so now to be here and see Anna to win is really rad,” said Spencer. “Anna is one of my best friends, so it’s awesome to see her riding so well. I’m getting old, so I feel really proud when I see these younger riders doing well, even though they’re kicking my ass,” Spencer joked following the event.

Hailey Langland, was the youngest competitor in the field at a mere 15 years old. She landed the first-ever cab 900 in a contest setting in her first run, and snagged the third place on the podium with her second run. Her style was arguably the smoothest of the field.

“I thought the course was amazing, I’ve never ridden these jumps before and to ride a course like this was pretty ground-breaking for sure,” said Langland. This marks Langland’s first major slopestyle contest podium, and she hopes to make her first appearance at X Games next month.

“I’m hoping for an X Games invite, my fingers are crossed for that,” said Langland.

Final Results
1. Anna Gasser, 91.20
2. Spencer O’Brien, 86.60
3. Hailey Langland, 85.60
4. Cheryl Maas, 82.40
5. Katie Ormerod, 75.00
6. Klaudia Medlova, 73.60

The Dew Tour continues with Men’s Slopestyle Semi-Finals popping off this afternoon and Street Finals will take over downtown Breckenridge on Friday evening. Men’s and Women’s Pipe Finals will go down on Saturday and Men’s Slopestyle Finals will conclude the event on Sunday. Stay tuned to TWSNOW for all the breaking action from Dew Tour 2015.

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