Valentino Guseli Rides Perisher

At age 10, what were you doing? Probably not shredding as hard as Aussie ripper, Valentino Guseli.  This grom has been called the next Generation of Australian snowboarders and just released this edit of riding around Perisher Resort.  He's got a series of rail tricks and spins on lock, and seeks to continue progressing his skills on his snowboard. The pint-sized rider has his priorities straight and claims he only wants to focus on a few things in life.

"My mind is set on just snowboarding the rest of my life… and getting a girlfriend when I'm older that doesn't yell at me," says the 10-year-old in the edit above. With a name like Valentino and the style he’s already oozing, we're confident he'll be able to have both.


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