Photos: Darcy Bacha

The 2017 Hella Big Air went down at Mt. Bachelor, featuring an 85-foot beast of a kicker which was primed and ready for the field to unleash their bag of tricks for a shot at a piece of the massive prize purse. The day got off to a sunny start, but seeing as how Mt. Bachelor has been breaking snowfall records with 500" already this season, it wasn't too surprising when the skies began to switch between clouds with sporadic snow showers and pockets of sunshine. No matter the weather, the crowd was still hyped, with roars of cheers and applause erupting every time a rider stomped their trick.

Spectators had a prime viewing zone in front of the main lodge at the Snow Beach – a beer garden with plenty of lawn games and cold beverages. As an alternative option, the upper beer garden located right next to the deck of the jump gave viewers a more up close and personal perspective, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy beer poured from 10 Barrel’s new and improved Minipub.

During a short recess between qualifiers and finals, a snow shower dropped enough flakes to slow down speeds of the run-in to the point that the jump was no longer safe to hit. It was a tough call to make, but riders safety is paramount, and it was decided that finals would be canceled, and the qualifying runs would be used to pick the winners. Luckily, Lyrics Born was down to party on stage early and jammed out for the crowd as the sun set over the Oregon Cascades.

Justin Morgan’s consistency through the event netted him the $10,000 top prize in the riders’ division – that should be plenty enough beer money for a little while. See you next year!

Snowboard Division Results:
1st – Justin Morgan
2nd – Ryan Linnert
3rd – Dru Brownrigg

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