Shreds of every make came together for last Tuesday’s Zumiez 100K event at Keystone, Colorado. The 100K—a Zumiez tradition—is a once-a-year bash that recognizes sales people who topped one hundred thousand dollars in sales during 2007. It’s no small feat, but this year’s event honored more than 1,200 individual sales freaks, many of which reached marks in the 200—400K range.

Jennifer Huynh, bettered her number-two standing in 2006 by selling nearly 600,000 dollars worth of shred-related merch to become the top doll in ’07. She beat out thousands of hungry and talented people from all of the 285 Zumiez stores.

There to celebrate alongside Ms. Huynh were the top pro snowboarders, skateboarders, surf dudes, and every other walk of action-sport celeb. Of course, Transworld was in the mix, too. We wouldn’t miss a couple of deep-pow days and sleepness nights with the crew.

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