Gwar Vs. Joan Rivers

Stole this epic little gem off Eddie Wall’s MySpace. The Scumdogs of the universe on Joan—definitely worth a watch.

80’s Schizo Bro

Rad skit and a great use of some sweet 80’s tunes. This is the staff favorite for the week.

World Record Trampoline Jump

Holy shit! Japan definitely has the best TV shows ever. This is a serious slam dunk that puts Lebron to shame.

Crazy Trampoline Stunt

It’s a good week for trampolines, this is a must see maneuver.

Danny Kass’ Budweiser Commercial

We heard this commercial was shot in Italy, so we’re not sure why it’s all in perfect English, but who really cares, it’s 5:00 pm somewhere and this Bud’s for Danny.

A Young Lucas Magoon

Lucas is ill. We got this old link of the up and coming shredder about a year ago and we forgot who sent it in, but wow … wow.