YouTube Tuesday 7/17

Trouble Trev “Chase Money” Video

Trouble, TRZA, Trouble Trev, Trevor Andrew—we’re not sure what to call him anymore but regardless we stumbled upon his new music video and got all stoked. We feel more hip after watching it.

Travis Parker Style

He may have left the pro ‘boarder life behind to be a sushi chef but damn, that Travis has got good style, we can attest to that and so can this video.

Barney x Tupac

Bet you didn’t know that purple dinosaur was ridin’ dirty did you? Neither did we, but we’re better off knowing so we can just leave that aggravated fool alone.

World Champion Slalom Skateboarder

It only took him fifteen years to get that style perfected, and we’re bettin’ he gets more ass than a toilet seat for it.

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