It’s the newest chapter in the Shaun White's story: White wins gold, again. First time in Winter X history that someone's got back-to-back golds one year to the next. Of course Shaun did it in typical fashion. Final round, sitting in seventh. One run to rule them all. That's 17 total winter x medals now. Mainstream media suggests super hero status for Shaun.

It was some super-human snowboarding. It started with a 20-foot backside rodeo. "Biggest anyone's gone in this ditch," claims one of the SPT dudes.  The judges gave it a 91.66. Which put him just above Kevin Pearce.

Pearce was on a tear. And got a 90.66. His shit was progressive. I took notes to try and keep up with it all: Front nine. First hit. 16 feet out.

A lot of people were passing judgments about the judging. A lot agreed Pearce's run was better.  Expletives were heard.

When asked at the press conference if he thought the results were legit, Kevin said he thought Shaun killed it. And added, "It was just a good night for snowboarding."

Antti Autti added to the show too. Taking bronze with a 87.33.

Check back soon for interviews with the riders in attendance, action photos, some pure snow-porn video nuggets and more behind-the-scenes blather.


SNOWBOARD SuperPipe Men’s Final

  Name Run 1 Run 2 Best Score
1 Shaun White 63.66 54.33 91.66
2 Kevin Pearce 64.66 90.66 90.66
3 Antti Autti 82.66 84.33 87.33
4 Elijah Teter 53.33 86.00 86.00
5 Mason Aguirre 76.00 74.66 76.00
6 Steve Fisher 73.33 47.66 75.33
7 Andy Finch 70.00 38.33 70.00
8 Louie Vito 44.00 47.66 55.00