(Saturday, January 26, 2008) Today’s slopestyle contest was all sunshine and high-fives. No doubt the girls first impression of the course was intimidation, but they all stepped to it hitting the bigger jump options and spinning blind over the gap. In the finals though, the women were having some trouble sticking their landings. Austrian Claudia Fliri put herself in first place in the first round with a seven off the final 68-foot “money booter, but Jamie Anderson one-upped it in the next round with a clean Cab 7. She knew she could stick the Cab 5 and surprised herself in practice bringing it around 7. This win is following her Slopestyle victory at the Burton European Open. This seventeen year old is on a roll.

The same scratched landings marred the men’s finals—there was no room for error on this course, it was all about flat bases between the hits. Heikki Sorsa brought some excitement to the finals with his one-foot frontside three—legendary!

Andreas Wiig didn’t fall victim to the snowsnakes on the course, he nailed his first run perfectly scoring a 92.00 from judges Jim Rippey and Jeff Brushie, and took the X Games Slopestyle gold for the second year in a row. He put down a confident run staying clean through the upper section and hitting the jump section with a cab 9 nose grab to a backside rodeo 9 Indy, to switch backside 9, to a stomped frontside 1080 over the “money booter. Kevin Pearce gave him a run for the money linking up a 1080 and a Cab 1080 down the run. You gotta feel for Shaun a little bit at X, he’s constantly trailed by a cameraman everywhere he goes, there’s no escaping into the rider tent to collect thoughts or mentally prepare. Despite the nonstop attention, he did place a very respectable third place and stuck his first run on a broken board clean. That’s pro.

Men’s Slopestyle Finals

1. Andreas Wiig, 92.00
2. Kevin Pearce, 88.33
3. Shaun White, 83.33
4. Eero Ettala, 82.66
5. Heikki Sorsa, 77.00
6. CHas Guldemond, 76.33
7. Mikkel Bang, 68.66
8. Mason Aguirre, 63.66
9. Mathieu Crepel, 43.00
10. Jussi Oksanen, 42.00

Women’s Slopestyle Finals

1. Jamie Anderson, 90.66
2. Claudia Fliri, 86.33
3. Spencer O’Brien, 80
4. Jenny Jones, 72
5. Marie-France Roy, 68.33
6. Megan Ginter, 63.66
7. Alexis Waite, 38.00
8. Cheryl Maas, 36.66
9. Erin Comstock, 28.00
10.Leanne Pelosi, 17.33