Last nights qualifiers narrowed the field from twenty to ten, cutting some of the top competitors including last years defending gold medalist Steve Fisher, Scotty Lago, Louie Vito, and Andy Finch. All done after last night.

Sideways blowing snow and wind took the extreme level up a notch, but it didn’t seem to phase the competitors, or effect the level of riding. X Games triathlete Kevin Pearce shot up from ninth place in the third round to knock teammate Mason Aguirre off the podium. Kevin is leaving these X Games after a silver finish in Slopestyle, going head to head with Torstein in the final round of Big Air, and now a bronze medal in Superipe.

As Shaun said of silver medalist Ryo Aono, “It’s nice to see some new faces on the podium. But Shaun has shared the podium with Ryo in the past at the Burton Nippon Open—Ryo is a superstar in Japan and the fever spread through the crowd tonight. After finishing first in last night’s qualifiers, he kept it up tonight linking a series of 7, 7, 9, 9, and 10, but he wasn’t able to overtake Shaun White for first.

After missing the gold medal in last years X Games, Shaun said, “It’s nice to take a big loss and dig deep and get better. And win. Shaun dropped into the “gauntlet (from our vantage point it looked more like a snowglobe) and kept up the levels through all three runs of finals. He blasted off with a massive straight air, linking in a 540, frontside 10, to Cab 10, and on the third and final run, he took his 1080 to a 1260 bringing the crowd to their toes. Shaun said, “The big thing I remember is doing the backside nine, when I landed I just wanted to spin as hard as I could into the 12. I was stoked.

And that ends our tour of duty here at the dozenth X Games. We’ll have more behind the scenes galleries and a Superpost with all the pictures we couldn’t force through the local wireless. Lindsay Jacobellis finally won gold in boardercross, Shaun White came back to battle his demons and win gold in the Superpipe, Torstein Horgmo put down the most stunner 1260 ever (yes, ever), Kevin Pearce probably broke some sort of record for competing in the most X Games events in one day, and we’re finally going out for that sushi dinner.

Final Results

1. Shaun White, 96.66
2. Ryo Aono, 88.00
3. Kevin Pearce, 85.66
4. Mason Aguirre, 84.33
5. Kazuhiro Kokubo, 83.00
6. Antti Autti, 82.00
7. Danny Kass, 81.00
8. Iouri Podladtchikov, 73.66
9. Gary Zebrowski, 65.00
10. Elijah Teter, 52.33