X Games 11: Wiig Wins Slopestyle

Clouds crept over the horizon, edging out the bright blue sky as the Norseman, Andreas Wiig put it together, and edged out four-peat X Games gold medalist Shaun White, along with Jussi Oksanen, Travis Rice and the rest of the heavy-weight lineup at Winter X Games 11 at Aspen/Buttermilk in Colorado.

Serious moves were going down--10th place finisher Chas Guldemond form New Hampshire stomped two immaculate backside 1260s--on the bolts on the Last Chance Kicker. You know shit is serious when perf’ back 1260s land you in the last spot. But this was not a best trick event, runs had to be linked throughout the entire course to make the cut. Danny Kass was putting down sick runs equipped with switch back Rodeo’s and sick switch front seven tails all floaty and poppy. 2002 Slopestyle gold medalist, Travis Rice went double backflip 180 over the gap, and pushed for a double cork 1080 over the Last Chance Kicker but laid it down putting him down in 8th place. Silver medalist, eight time X Games competitor, and rad dad, Jussi Oksanen took second place with a first run score of 84.66, and a seamless run chock full of spins of every size and variation. After four consecutive Slopestyle gold medals, Shaun White’s run didn’t come together, and ended in White sliding out on a 1260 attempt on the Last Chance Kicker. Shaun came out of the event bronze medal in hand.

It all came down to Andreas, who was coming in hot off a recent win at the Vail Session two weeks ago. Early on in the day during practice Wiig took a serious slam to the head going frontside 1080 on the second jump, only to recover, ride out and catch his heel edge once more slamming down on his dome again. “Mandreas” described it as one of his worst falls ever, riding down with a bruised heel, a concussed and seeing double. Rumors were circulating and no one was sure if Andreas would come back to compete after going down. After spending two-plus hours in the medical tent, Andreas emerged, putting down his flawless winning first run, which included a perfect Rodeo 900 over the gap jump, and a frontside 1080 on the Last Chance Kicker. That winning run being his third run of the entire day. What’s he gonna do now? Andreas says he’s gonna take a break, rest up, and do some surfing in So Cal ... that is right after some serious partying which is in order for the evening.back rodeo nine over the gap and a frontside ten on the bottom

Men’s Slopestyle Final Results:

Rank. Athlete: Run 1, Run 2, Best Score

1. Andreas Wiig: 89.66, 42.00, 89.66
2. Jussi Oksanen: 84.66, 41.33, 84.66
3. Shaun White: 83.33, 75.00, 83.33
4. Antti Autti: 83.00, 35.66, 83.00
5. Mathieu Crepel: 48.00, 80.33, 80.33
6. Danny Davis: 77.66, 44.00 ,77.66
7. Danny Kass: 47.33, 77.00, 77.00
8. Travis Rice: 43.33, 68.00, 68.00
9. Hampus Mosesson: 54.33, 63.66, 63.66
10. Chas Guldemond: 37.33, 43.66, 43.66