X Games 11: Wiig Wins Best Trick

For the X Games Snowboard Best Trick event, eight of the top riders were paired off, and pitted against each other in a head to head showdown on a setup that consisted of one small setup jump up top, and a larger fifty-or-so foot kicker at the bottom.

First up it was yesterday’s Slopestyle gold medalist, Andreas Wiig vs. the stylish Swede, Hampus Mosseson. Hampus went backside 900 shifty, which was followed up by Andreas going down on an attempted frontside 1080. For their second go, Hampus went switch frontside 1080, and Andreas sealed that first victory with a seamless frontside 1080.

Next it was Highland Michigan’s Danny Davis vs. France’s Mathieu Crepel. Davis came out swinging with a double cork frontside 900, and Crepel went for a switch back 1080 but didn’t stick the landing. For his second go, Davis stomped a sick double cork frontside 1080; and for his second, Crepel went for that switch back 1080 again, which eluded him once more. Davis wins.

The third round saw Danny Kass vs. Antti Autti. For his first drop, Danny popped a nice stand-up backside 360, and went down going for a backside 900. Antti stuck a frontside 1080 tailgrab, which won it for him as Danny went down again on his next run.

Last but not least for the first round was Jackson Hole native, Travis Rice vs. the newcomer from New Hampshire, Chas Guldemond. Both favorites coming into the event because of there nasty “signature” moves. Travis with his double cork 1080s, and Chas with the backside 1260s which he has on full lockdown. Travis dropped first, and to no one’s surprise went straight into the double cork 1080 but didn’t stick it. Chas followed that up with a nollie front flip off the knuckle of the setup jump right into his backside 1260, he set his hand down a bit, but took the upper hand. Rice dropped again, stomping the double cork 1080; Chas landed his 1260 again in similar fashion, and the round went to Rice.

With respective round one winners in place, it was Andreas Wiig vs. Danny Davis. Wiig went frontside 1080, and Davis went for the double cork 1080 but put hands down. Wiig then went for the switch backside 1260 and landed smooth, no hands, but did revert out of it. Davis went for the double cork 1080 again and went down. Andreas wins.

Next up was Travis Rice vs. Antti Autti. Rice kicked it off with a perfect double cork 1080. Antti countered with a slightly sketchy frontside 1260 tailgrab. Rice kept it mellow with a switch backside 540, and Antti went for the 1260 again but went down.

With only two riders left standing, it was the final showdown between Travis Rice and “The Machine” Andreas Wiig. With flat light settling in, the last round proved to have the most difficult conditions. On his first go, Travis went for the double cork but seemed to get lost mid air, and went down. Wiig then nailed his frontside 1080 perfect, Rice went for the double cork again, but it wasn’t happening. Another win, and another gold medal at Winter X Games 11 for Andreas “Mandreas” Wiig.