X Games 11: White Qualifies 1st in HP

It was another freezing cold night in Aspen, Colorado for the Winter X Games 11 Men’s Halfpipe Qualifiers, but that didn’t stop a serious crowd from gathering to bro down and watch the guys throw down in what seems like the longest halfpipe in history—don’t quote us on that, it just seems like it might be when you look at it from the bottom.

You would have thought it was the men’s halfpipe finals tonight what with the crowd and the cheering and other craziness going down, but no, it was just the qualifiers. However, it being “just the qualifiers didn’t stop the riders from riding like it was for the podium. The snowboard world took a collective deep breath as all was restored to normalcy when Shaun came back from a loss at today’s Men’s Slopestyle to place first in the qualifiers with a run complete with a backside rodeo and a Cab 10. For most of the guys, the first run seemed to be the charm. Mason Aguirre greased a solid 720, 1080, frontside nine, and a frontside five, Steve Fisher had back-to-back nines and back-to-back tens—earning them third and second place, respectively. In more excitement, Danny Kass bumped Mike Goldschmidt from the top 10 at the proverbial buzzer, and the young and seemingly unshakeable Danny Davis, Louie Vito, and Scotty Lago couldn’t pull it together enough to make it to the finals, but there’s always next year (and the year after that, and the year after that, etc., etc.) so it’s alright.

And while things might seem a little bleak right now since the night is over and you’ve already watched the video and slideshow three times, don’t cry just yet, because there’s more extremeness going down tomorrow night in the forms of the Best Trick and the Men’s Halfpipe Finals. So whoo! Let’s get X’ed!

Men’s Halpipe Final Qualifying Results:

Rank. Athlete: Run 1, Run 2, Best Score

1. Shaun White: 93.33, 73.66, 93.332. Steve Fisher: 90.00, 87.33, 90.003. Mason Aguirre: 87.33, 72.00, 87.334. Kevin Pearce: 78.00, 83.33, 83.335. Antti Autti: 72.66, 78.66, 78.666. J. J. Thomas: 77.66, 64.66, 77.667. Tommy Czeschin: 77.00, 77.33, 77.338. Mathieu Crepel: 74.33, 63.00, 74.339. Danny Kass: 68.00, 72.33, 72.3310. Chad Otterstrom: 70.66, 41.00, 70.66—11. Mike Goldschmidt: 69.66, 63.66, 69.6612. Brad Martin: 59.00, 69.00, 69.0013. Risto Mattila: 68.33, 41.33, 68.3314. Danny Davis: 67.00, 42.66, 67.0015. Markku Koski: 17.66, 53.00, 53.0016. Ross Powers: 41.33, 52.66, 52.6617. Keir Dillon: 28.00, 50.66, 50.6618. Gary Zebrowski: 50.66, 45.33, 50.6619. Louie Vito: 48.66, 41.33, 48.6620. Scotty Lago: 47.33, 37.00, 47.33