X Games 11: Fisher Wins Superpipe

In true underdog fashion, Breckenridge local Steve Fisher held off six time X Games gold medalist, Shaun White and the rest of the lineup. It’s fair to say that all eyes were not on The Fish, who had been doing his thing, and flying well under the radar until he dropped in on run number one; 10s and 9s all massively executed and sans ballerina style. Fisher was popping high, landing high, and connecting walls like it was going out of style.

Duluth Minnesota’s Mason Aguirre rose to the top and bumped teammate Kevin Pearce off the podium bubble with his bronze medal winning run--two extra large straight airs, followed by a frontside 10, cab 10, frontside 9, a ridiculous backside nine, and a huge crippler. A dizzying run to say the least.

After an uncharacteristic bronze medal finish yesterday in Slopestyle, Shaun placed first in Saturday night’s qualifiers and came out to make it happen. However his first run proved disappointing as he put his hand down on a backside 9, and completely laid it down later in his run putting him in 10th place. His second run was closer as he popped a shifty right before lofting a massive lien, closely followed by a textbook backside 9, and frontside 9 into a decked McTwist that he miraculously rode out of, and even more miraculously rode out of into back to back frontside and cab 10s, and finally into an alley-oop Rodeo, and a frontside alley-oop. Dude was putting in work.

But all was for not, as 2002 Superpipe gold medalist, Steve Fisher was out for blood. Huge, huge frontside air, backside 5, frontside 10, cab 7, frontside 9, backside 9, frontside 7 all performed to a T. The podium race was close as can be, with all contenders within no more than one point of each other.

Final Results Men’s Superpipe

Rank. Athlete: Run 1, Run 2, Best Score

1. Steve Fisher: 92.00, 58.33, 88.00, 92.00
2. Shaun White: 43.00, 91.00, 88.00, 91.00
3. Mason Aguirre: 84.00, 90.66, 90.00, 90.66
4. Kevin Pearce: 86.00, 47.33, 89.66, 89.66
5. Danny Kass: 45.33, 89.00, 53.00, 89.00
6. J. J. Thomas: 80.33, 81.33, 79.00, 81.33
7. Antti Autti: 30.00, 78.33, 81.00, 81.00
8. Tommy Czeschin: 79.33, 80.33, 48.33, 80.33
9. Mathieu Crepel: 71.00, 73.66, 76.00, 76.00
10. Chad Otterstrom : 63.33, 49.00, 53.00, 63.33