X-Dance Invades Sundance.

The fourth annual X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival was held last weekend in Park City, Utah, and many a pro shred was in attendance. X-Dance runs right alongside the Sundance Film Festival and showcases some of this year’s action sports films. It also gives snowboarders a legit reason to be hob-nobbing among celebrities and partying like rock stars. Peter Line, Ehren McGhehey (Jackass’ Danger Ehren) Travis Parker, Nate Bozung, Zach Leach, Mikey LeBlanc, Victoria Jealouse and J2, among others, were all seen on the town at Sundance. (I apologize that after hanging out in the Hollywoodized Park City scene this article seems to be coming out like a terrible Star Magazine column-hang in there with me.) Snowboarders stuck to the Payday Superpark and the Kings Crown Park and Superpipe at Park City during the day, and crashed swanky Hollywood parties by night.

The X-Dance Festival includes selected videos from across the X-branded genre from skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, motocross, kayaking, BMX, and mountain biking, to snowmobiling. This year they received almost 100 submissions from distributors and producers, and those were narrowed down to 30 that were screened during the festival. The videos are shown during the three-day event. It all culminates at the awards ceremony and closing party at Harry O’s nightclub, hosted by Sal Masekela. This year, surfing continued to ride the wave of popularity, accounting for four of the winning slots, skateboarding elbowed into three, and snowboarding found its home in the Best Music genre with Robot Food’s Lame as the big winner. The not-so Lame soundtrack included music by The Postal Service, Generation X, Young MC, The Clash, Royscopp, and many more.

X-Dance is still in its infancy as a legitimate evaluator of action sports films. X-Dance’s John Chaisson says, that in the end they’re happy with how the festival went this year and are just stoked to continue making it bigger and more legit every year. Check x-dance.com for the dates, so you too can come out to Park City and Sundance for a chance to walk the red carpet, sit in traffic, try to get ‘on the list’,and maybe even gawk at Paris Hilton (or her replacement).

Best Film: The Ride (Surf)

Best Video Game: Amped 2

Athlete of the year: Danny Way- DC Video

Best Story: Pororca (Surf)

Best Cinematography: Riding Waves (Surf)

Best Editing: Single Fin Yellow (Surf)

Best Music: Lame (Snowboarding)

Best Biography Film: Never Been Done (Skateboarding)

Best Core Film: DC Video