It's on in Aspen.

X-Games 13 is underway and with one of the gnarliest slopestyle courses yet, the 22-foot Superpipe and a stacked field of riders it's shaping up to be the most "X" games yet.

The day started with the first round Women's Superpipe competition. The girls took their qualifying runs from ten to noon under partly cloudy skies and mild temps. And they were ripping. There were a lot of 9's thrown. Kelly Clark came out boosting. And Torah was getting hella-tech. From the looks of it the final will probably be a heated match between Clark and Bright.

Here's who qualified and will advance to the final.
1.    Torah Bright
2.    Kelly Clark
3.    Hannah Teeter
4.    Ellery Hollingsworth
5.    Gretchen Bleiler
6.    Kaitlyn Farrington

While the ladies were doing their thing in the ditch, the men were over on the slopestyle course trying to dial in their runs. It proved to be a tall order, as the course is incredibly tight and the jumps are f-ing huge.  There was a lot of talk about this being one of the hairiest slopestyle courses anyone's ever ridden. Should be some kind of showdown.

The most intimidating feature on the course, was undoubtedly the channel gap. After Travis Rice failed to clear the channel and fell into the gaping crevasse riders stopped trying the transfer.
The biggest criticism of the course is how close all the jumps are. You basically land one jump and are shot right into the lip of the next. Shit's tech. And kids to broke off. Kevin Pearce fell hard on the second table and sustained a concussion. He left the hill early with a bandage and a lump over his eye. He seemed fairly unfazed, but had to bow out of tonight Big Air comp and word is he's on the go-list for the rest of the weeks events.

Chas Guldemond got Kevin's spot in the tonight, and even though he's got a nasty case of shin splints Chas said he plans on really givin' 'er under the lights.

Big Air practice starts at 6:30 and the finals get going at 8pm.

Check back later tonight for all the results.