Rider: Jeremy Grendahl Photo: Darcy Bacha

Written by: Mary Walsh

     Session One at Windells just wrapped up and it was a whirlwind of snowboarding, skateboarding and heavy-amazing off hill activities.
     The addition of Windells' brand new, private rope tow allowed campers to spend the maximum amount of time lapping the triple jump line and triple rail line—no more hiking means way more shreddogging action and of course, tons of jump trains. Awesome.
     Kicking off this week was the all-new Windells Dream Feature, a specially built terrain park feature designed by a visiting pro or team every session. For session one, Think Thank's Nick Visconti joined Pat Milbery and the Windells crew and created his Dance Party '09 feature—an amalgamation of a dance floor, snow butter box, pole jam and multiple transitions. Super creative, super fun and great for all the campers, from those who were just learning to hit boxes to the ones that were throwing combos and getting stylie with every hit. All week on hill, Nick ran contests and clinics on his buttery Dream Feature and hung out with the campers at night throwing foam pit flip contests and thrashing the skate features on campus.
     Off-hill highlights included Rome Thrasher Night, Atmosphere's Snake Course, the always popular zombie dodgeball (where the undead always win), and Mexican night in the Heshin' Delicatessen. Seriously, the kitchen crew makes the best guacamole.

To check out the Session One video click HERE.