Windells Session 4 Photo Gallery

Another session down at Windells Snowboard Camp and just like the snow covering the lava rocks on Mount Hood, the summer is melting away more quickly than everyone would like it to. Well, they say time flies when you're having fun, right? That's definitely the case at Windells, where Session Four was a blur of corrugated tubes, pole jams, barrel bonks, with stoked-out campers making new friends, learning sweet tricks and grabbing free schwag.
This past session Windells resident schralper Pat Milbery brought together riders from Skull Candy, Arbor and Think Thank to form a very creative, skate-influenced and fun-loving group of shreds--perfect candidates to build a Dream Feature. Skull Candy's Bennie Henrich and Zack Hale joined Arbor's Moss Halladay and Joe Bosler. Austin Hironaka, Scott Stevens and Ben Bogart rallied for Think Thank and joined in on the Dream Feature shredding as well. The group built a step up dance floor to spine combo that was flanked by a corrugated tube, pole jam and matching hips.
The second stop of Bonfire's Pipe 2 Pipe also went down during Session Two, with energy-filled ams storming the Windells park for the rail jam. The most energetic am of all, Windells' own Johnny Lazz took the snow title, backing up his win from last year with some very tech tricks.
Session Five is up next with the Skeleton Crew as the resident pros. Check for daily updates on what's going down, up on Mount Hood.