Another summer week has gone by and Session Two just wrapped up at Windells. The campers have caught their flights back home, most of them paying extra luggage fees for the new bags of tricks they picked up while at Mount Hood. Zing!
Summer snowboarding never gets old and this past session was filled with all of the good stuff that makes a week spent at Windells such an awesome time. The Nike 6.0 Team was at camp for the week and built a crafty Dream Feature that gave campers a lot to play and learn on, with multiple lines for trying out freshly learned tricks. Trevor Jacob, Ross Baker, Dylan Bidez, Broc Waring and Mark Reininga spent the days lapping the tow rope with campers and the nights throwing Rockband competitions, games of dodgeball and the Nike 6.0 Girly Man contest.
Windells is definitely a sweet summer shred spot, but there is much more to life at camp than just time spent on hill. Check out the Session Two gallery by camp photog, Darcy Bacha, for a glimpse into what it's like to spend 8 days at Windells both on and off the hill, from foam pit flips to face paint, BOB skate sessions and barbeque chicken.