Win Stevie Bell’s Golf Kit

We know this is a snowboard, not a golf mag, but, it’s summer and in the summer snowboarders golf. That’s what Stevie Bell does. He rides…or, um..swings for Dbot5 and they’re giving away a set of clubs to help you get through the rest of a long-hot summer.  These sticks are just like the ones Stevie himself lugs around the links. Matix and DVS are also throwing some fresh country-club approved attire, so you can be completely-kitted out next time you tee it up.

So, with an entry that came just minutes after this contest was posted Alex Furtado of Ontario Canada wins the Stevie Bell Golf Kit.

Congrats Alex. Thanks to DBot5, DVS and Matix for hooking it up.

And keep your eyes peeled for the next contest.

Here’s all the answers: