Wille Yli-Louma had an epic winter last season filming with Mack Dawg Productions and pulling one of the biggest airs of the entire year. You’ll have to check it out in From ____ with Love . To top it all off, Wille just finnished (pun intended) one of the funnest sessions High Cascade and Mt. Hood has ever seen (July 28-August 5). Wille showed that he is as talented behind the camera as he is in front. Lucky campers in the Wille session were given a free disposable camera provided by Fuji. Wille didn’t give them any guidelines-he just wanted to see what type of imagery people would capture in the two days allotted. The result was 2,700 images that were all personally reviewed by Wille. After a long night of sorting through the High Cascade campers’ photos, Wille narrowed it down to eighteen photos, which he enlarged and displayed for all the campers and staff to see at an evening art show. What was at stake? Well, the photographer of the winning image had the once in a lifetime chance to have their chosen photo placed into a special one-off Wille Yli-Luoma K2 snowboard! Who else in the world gets to have their own photography showcased on a snowboard? That’s right, no one.

After much self-debate, Wille had to choose the prized image based solely on his gut instinct. The winner: Leenie Crosswhite’s untitled self-shadow, photographed with a Fuji disposable camera using ambient light. “Photography is my life,” Leenie told Wille after she won. “I’ve looked up to Wille’s photography for so long that this is like a dream come true,” she continued. Adding to Leenie’s one-of-a-kind snowboard, she received a full outerwear package from Volcom and a pair of boots from ThirtyTwo.

As if that weren’t enough, Wille had his hand in two of High Cascade’s annual workshops; the Photo Workshop with NEMO’s Trevor Graves, and the Video Workshop with Mack Dawg Productions’ Brad Kremer. Wille not only rode in front of all the students, but sat in on lectures, provided feedback from the professional riders’ perspective, and even presented the students with a slideshow of his own photography.

If you’re into Finnish super pros, snowboarding, photography, video, and fun, mark your calendar for High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s 2006 Wille Session with the Photography and Video Workshops. Dial up www.highcascade.com for more information and dates.

Thanks to: Nemo.com, K2snowboarding.com, Fujifilm.com, Thirtytwo.com, and Mackdawgproductions.com.