Wiig & Beaman Win Vans Cup Slopestyle

Recent X Games gold medalist, The Machine, Andreas Wiig and TransWorld’s Rider of the Year Hana Beaman finish first in day two’s Slopestyle event at Northstar-at-Tahoe. Andreas was going frontside 1080 on jump number two, right into signature backside Rodeo 900s on the step up, rounded out with boardslide 270s on the high flat bar at the bottom. Scotty Lago-son rounded out a solid second, lofting switch backside 900s over jump number two, and nasty backside Rodeo 720s over the step up—all while riding with a partially broken rear binding! Taking third place was two time Olympic Silver Medalist, Danny Kass came out guns a blazin’, popping high—Tommy Chong high, grabbing long and landing right as rain with frontside 720 tail’s, and massive backside 900s.

Hana Beaman commented that she felt a bit stiff before her run, which was understandable as she took a hard hit off the double kink during the first night’s rail jam. Hana looked loose as a goose on the course with switch backside 360s, into switch frontside 540s, and into powerful backside 720s—earning it. Young Tahoe loc’, Jamie Anderson placed second, and Canada’s Marie-France Roy locked up the third spot.

They say three is a magic number, and after watching Mandreas finish first at the Vail Session Slopestyle, first at the X Games Slopestyle, and now first here at the Vans Cup Slopestyle, that statement has never rang more true, this year is his. Andreas is now taking the rest of the season to film. Contests and videos both play an important role in snowboarding, and Andreas is currently playing the lead in both.

For as heavy a contest as it is, and as much as winners are walking away with, The Vans Cup has a very grassroots. The atmosphere is real relaxed and fun. Vans founder, Steve Van Doren is seen at the helm of the grill cooking up French toast in the morning, dogs and burgers in the afternoon. Everyone including the competitors is more or less just hanging out and having a good time. Then you mosey on down to the podium at the end of the day and Andreas and Hana are walking away with $21,000, and 17,000 respectively. Magoon left the rail jam with a check for $12,000. It’s a reality check for sure … a big oversized reality check, complete with a Stanley cup like trophy.

Saturday, March 3 – Slopestyle Finals

1. Andreas Wiig (Asker, NOR) 92.1 $21,000
2. Scotty Lago (Seabrook, NH) 86.0 $14,500
3. Danny Kass (Vernon, NJ) 84.2 $7,400

1. Hana Beaman (Mammoth Lakes, CA) 75.8 $17,000
2. Jamie Anderson (South Lake Tahoe, CA) 73.7 $8,500
3. Marie-France Roy (Whistler, CAN) 65.0 $3,000

Friday, March 2 — Rail Jam Results

1. Lucas Magoon (Silverthorn, CO) $12,000
2. Yale Cousino (Lincoln, VT) $8,000
3. Keegan Vailaika (Dana Point, CA) $4,000

1. Erin Comstock (Incline Village, NV) $2,600
2. Silvia Mittermuller (Munich, GER) $1,000
3. Leanne Pelosi (Calgary, CAN) $1,000