Snowboard Slopestyle Men’s
Final Results from Aspen/Snowmass on Saturday, January 28, 2006

1. Shaun White, Carlsbad, California, 95.00
2. Andreas Wiig, Oslo, Norway, 89.00
3. Danny Kass, Mammoth Lakes, California, 86.66

4. Eddie Wall, Rome, Pennsylvania, 85.00
5. Wyatt Caldwell, Sun Valley, Idaho, 78.00
6. Chad Otterstrom, Breckenridge, Colorado, 75.00
7. Eero Niemela, Ojakkala, Finland, 72.33
8. Pat Moore, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, 67.00
9. Travis Rice, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 65.33
10. John Jackson, Crowley Lake, California, 62.00

Despite the previous snow/party filled night, the slopestylers were blessed Saturday morning with blue skies, and a perfectly manicured course thanks to Chris “Gunny Gunnarson, and Snowpark Technologies. Everyone was keeping it reasonably mellow in the qualifiers, so as to keep their runs on the dl. But bringing out the big guns, Shaun’s first run was all it took to clinch fourpeat status in Winter X Slopestyle. Back 9, Cab 10, switch back nine over the channel gap and sealed it off with a front 10 over the last chance jump—two pair, that’s almost a full house.

“All you can do is harvest his energy and have fun riding with him.”—Danny

“I knew Andreas was doing 1080s, so I went out and learned a Frontside 10, a Backside 10 and a Cab 10 … Honestly, I think that the pressure makes me ride way better.—Shaun

“I was super excited to get out there and ride with so many guys that I haven’t had a chance to ride with this year—Jackson and Wiig and everybody. And then to come out and land a run when I haven’t really ridden park this year—it’s a good feeling.—Danny

Other notable mallets would be Kass’s switch back rodeo, Mandreas’s gripped front 10; and giving Shaun a run for his money, Trice was close as hell to stomping a double cork 10 on the final run, final jump of the show.

Snowboard Slopestyle Women’s
Final Results from Aspen/Snowmass on Saturday, January 28, 2006

1. Janna Meyen, Bend, Oregon, 91.33
2. Hana Beaman, Big Bear, California, 83.33
3. Jamie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, California, 77.33

4. Erin Comstock, Salt Lake City, Utah, 76.00
5. Chanelle Sladics, Newport Beach, California, 75.00
6. Natasza Zurek, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 72.33
7. Priscilla Levac, Montebello, QC, Canada, 69.66
8. Marie-France Roy, Les Eboulements, Charlevoix, QC, Canada, 67.00
9. Cheryl Maas, Uden, Netherlands, 63.33
10. Silvia Mittermueller, Munich, Germany, 62.66

Slotted in the tenth position after her initial run, Janna Meyen’s chance for a fourpeat at Winter X games 10 had been cut by half. Despite unpleasant ladder placement, Meyen remained undeterred—”I was as comfortable as I’ve ever been. All I was trying to do was play the game of competing against myself. I blocked everything else out.—Janna

Her second run would prove much more lucrative than the first. While most of the competition chose to avoid the channel gap, Janna back 5’d it and followed that up with a cab 7 on the final jump to earn a score of 91.33, and the highly anticipated fourpeat.

“I have to give the next generation of riders a lot of credit—they really have my respect. Cheryl Maas, and a couple others are really pushing it. It’s awesome; it keeps me on my toes. Between last year and this year, I definitely see them going for it a whole lot more.—Janna