Friedl Kolar, Zillertal, Austria. Photo: Phil Tifo


I have been known as Phil Tifo, a short version of the French original Philippe Thiffault. I've been snowboarding for about 15 years and I was flung accross Canada to the Mecca over a decade ago.  Shredding and photography –along with other fun things- have been the essentials of my life for quite some time. 

 The photos in the collection below are some of my favorites from the past year.  There's a few from the previous season, but they're still pretty pictures, so it doesn't really matter right?

Glad you're checking out my photos, come visit my site to see more of what I do by clicking this live link: 

 Thanks, enjoy!

 Phil Tifo





Benji Ritchie slashin’, Whistler, BC.

Photo: Phil Tifo