What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Tara Dakides

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Tara Dakides
Age: Over easy
Height: Medium
Weight: Poached
Home: Mammoth Lakes, California
Roots: Like, totally So Cal, dude!
Sponsors: Jeenyus, Vans, Billabong, Mountain Dew, Pro-tec, GMC, Dragon, Active
Stance: A little over 20.5 inches wide, with my bindings angled a little to the right on the front and a little to the left in the back. My bindings are centered on my board-forward of center depending on how much I want to press my nose.
Boards: Jeenyus 149 and 152 Tara boards, and 154/156 Kevin Jones boards.
Consumption: Not many. I like to ride a board until there’re no edges left-the more broken in, the better.
Lube: Once or twice a week, it depends on what the conditions are like.
Edges: I always detune because I usually end up riding on some form of metal.
Boots: The Omni boots I designed with Vans. I like a softer boot-it’s just more comfortable. I’ve used the same liners for the past three years.
Bindings: Forum ATP bindings-until Jeenyus comes out with our own.
Superstitions: I have superstitions about having superstitions.

Board: Jeenyus Tara Dakides Pro Model
Boot: Vans Omni
Jacket: Billabong Trap
Pant: Billabong Dactyl
Goggle: Dragon Tara Way