Name: Shaun White

Age: 18

Sponsors: Burton Snowboards, Volcom Clothing, Oakley Optics, Adio Shoes, Birdhouse Skateboards, Mountain Dew, Target, PlayStation 2, T-Mobile

Years snowboarding: 10

Home: Carlsbad, California

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 140 pounds

Stance: Regular, 22 inches wide-I rock the biggest stance option on my board-with nine degrees angle on the front foot and negative-three on the back.

Forward lean: Ha! None, and I love it.

Board: I ride my own pro model. There are two sizes, but I only ride the 156 ($500)-just one board for everything.

Boots: I rock my own pro-model boots in size eight ($240). There are two colorways, but I like the brown ones more.

Bindings: I use the Burton Custom bindings ($140)-they have the perfect amount of flex. I’m all about comfort.

Personal settings: I definitely use custom footbeds in my boots. They make such a difference. I also switch out the toe straps on my white Custom bindings to make them totally white.

Tuning techniques: I normally travel with three boards-one tuned for pipe with sharp edges and waxed up, and two for park and jibbing. They’re tuned down but still waxed up. It’s all about speed.

Riding style: I would say my riding style is neoclassical meets postmodern-impressionistic freestyle.